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1-On-1 Home Bar Consulting

  • Have you bought an expensive bottle and after opening, realised you didn't like it?

  • Do you enjoy a whisky and would like to identify similar ones to buy?

  • Do you want to stock your bar with whiskies for different levels of whisky drinkers and a range of tastes?

  • Do you want to get the most value for every rupee spent on your home bar?


If you answered ‘yes’ for any, then this is where The Whisky Advisor’s Home Bar Consulting comes in.


Choose from standard packages or let TWA customise one for you. Let TWA build your whisky knowledge, enable you to buy better and speak about the whiskies you own, with confidence.



The Whisky Advisor works on projects tailored to the specific needs of bars and restaurants. This includes, but is not limited to setting up whisky lists, pricing and training of staff.

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