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Whisky has long been considered an ‘Old Man’s Drink’ and sometimes an expensive luxury. The times have changed however and more young people and increasingly women drinkers have started to enjoy whisky. The Whisky Advisor aims to demystify whisky and make it fun.
We offer the following 2 to 3 hour experiences as well as bespoke experiences tailored to your specific needs

  • Masterclasses in whiskies from

    • Scotland

    • The USA 

    • Ireland 

    • Japan 

    • India

    • Rest of the World 

  • Blind Whisky Tastings

  • Exploration of Wood Influence in Whisky


These events can be made as fun or as technical, depending on you and your guests’ preferences


The Whisky Advisor will take you on an exciting whisky journey through time and geographies. Drop us a line and let us tailor an experience to remember!

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